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The two Bloody Mary photos.

This one is taken with Instagram. This one, Plastic Bullet. Don’t get me started on Hipstamatic…blecch. Slow and bloated. Tap and hold icon. Wait until it starts to shake. Tap “X” in the corner of icon. Confirm delete. Live a better life.

Plastic Bullet has caught up a little with Instagram in the features department, but is nowhere near as fast at getting a photo taken, filter chosen, and posted to all the various social networks (Instagram sends to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, Flickr, Foursquare, and anything you can email a photo into; Plastic Bullet does Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.)

The main difference between these two is the way in which you choose the filter. In Instagram, you choose the filters by name, you swipe through them and choose your favorite. In Plastic Bullet, you get a 4-up view of four random choices, each tweaked ever so slightly between filter and border. If you see nothing you like, you hit refresh and 4 new ones come up. A novel way to do it, I think, because it lends itself to endless combinations. One problem, though, is if you skip one you liked, you can’t go back.

The issue I seem to find myself having in Instagram is using the same filter over and over again. Or, it seems like it anyway. In fact, now that you can do live filtering, it seems Instagram’s filters all kinda look the same, unless they’re completely different color-wise (b&w or sepia). Plastic Bullet’s are more random and more extreme in their differences.

Plastic Bullet is slooooow, though. It takes the photo fast and chooses filters fast, but it saves to the camera roll and posts to your social networks like molasses. It does full resolution, so it takes a bit longer than Instagram, but nowhere near as long as something like Hipstamatic.

I’ll most likely flesh this out into a full review, but I like them both. Instagram wins only for the fact of its ingrained social network within the app. If Plastic Bullet had something like that, who knows? I might switch.

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